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Permanent Makeup by Melodie


Permanent Eyebrows,Permanent Eyeliner, Lips

Areola Reconstruction and Regimentation

Permanent makeup procedures can be the final step to helping to restore an aesthetically pleasing appearance to breasts. It is possible to closely match the patient’s original or remaining areola. The effects are realistic and natural. An areola and nipple can be tattooed in a color to closely match the patient’s own. The effects are beautiful and can be made 3-dimensional. Some women want to darken a naturally light areola. Permanent makeup provides the perfect solution and is undetectable from natural color.

Permanent makeup and micro skin needling can be applied after all kinds of breast surgery to disguise the scars caused by some augmentation, reduction and uplift treatments.

All clients are treated with sensitivity and understanding and a detailed consultation is always undertaken to establish suitability for treatment.